Working Girl

Hey guys! How are you? Lately I've been very busy working and so I've been trying to use every Saturday and Sunday for dressing up and taking pictures. While I am desperately waiting for fall and winter to begin (can't wait to wear my jewel-toned outfits), here I am in my favorite role: as myself - a modern working girl! Luckily I don't  have to dress too formal for work, so I can wear rather  casual outfits and add a touch of business with a nice blazer, handbag or high heels.

Blazer, Dress & Tights: H&M | Bag: Fashion Point | Shoes: Deichmann

Oh, and I changed my hair: from a already very light blonde to almost white platinum blonde. It was quite a procedure (took me 4 hours...-_-) but I absolutely LOVE the color! Hope you like it, too!


  1. Wunderbar! Ich mag deine Tasche sehr, hab sie schon beim letzten Post angegiert.. :)

  2. Love the bag! xx


  3. Deine Schuhe sind supermegacool...

    Ich hab die Gleichen ;)

    Aber schönes Outfit :)