Dark Desires

Hey there lovely ladies and gentlemen! In my last post I talked about having/not having the balls for fashion. For this post I decided to show at least a little bit courage by taking an outfit I would typically wear at work and jazzing it up with statement earrings, studded boots, dark lipstick and some attitude! :-)What are your secrets for spicing up your look?

Vintage Flowers

Hey there lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen! Do you know those pieces that you absolutely LOVE...but never wear, either because you don't know how to combine them or because you just don't have the balls to wear them in public (maybe because - just like me - you live in a small town where everybody's staring at you whenever you dress different or fashion forward :-)). Well, that's what happened with me and this beautiful floral skirt...

My mom gave it to me in spring and since then I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Today I got tired of waiting and decided to just put on that goddamn skirt and go for a walk! :-)

The worst post in fashion blog history

Hey there, lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen! Do you know this feeling when you have an outfit for going out in mind and in your imagination it looks very cool: cute, edgy, modern,.... And then you go out and take pictures an realize: This is a train wreck! That's what happened to me. After this joyful shooting I realized that my hair is a complete mess, I forgot to put on blush, the pullover makes me look fat and my undershirt is sticking out in some of the pictures. And what is the best way to deal with a fashion mess like this? Right, make a stupid GIF!

If you are still interested in what I'm actually wearing - after the jump!

I hauled a lot and I liked it!

Hey guys! Today I want to show some stuff I got over the last week. Last Wednesday was the German national holiday, so all the shops were closed. But luckily I live near the border to France, so my family and I went to Straßburg for shopping. Some of the things shown I got there, others I just picked up at my local drugstore/department store/H&M..

Evoluderm Lotion Tonique | OPI Goldeneye & Every month is Oktoberfest | Claire's hair thingy & lashes | MAC Lippencil Beet, Lipsticks Deeply Adored & Love Goddess | Urban Decay Primer Potion | L'Oreal Préférence Extreme Platinum & Pastel Conditioner Soft Lilac

The Evoluderm Lotion Tonique is from a store called Saga: they sell all kinds of cosmetics and brushes, from NIVEA to Bourjois. Everything seems to be a lot cheaper than in drugstores, so I suppose they buy large amounts from closures of other stores and sell them very cheap. I got the 500 ml bottle of toner for only 3 €. Can't yet tell if it's good but it smells very nice like roses. The hair thingy from Claire's is like a bun donut but straight for French twists etc. Haven't tried it yet, but if it works maybe I will show some hairstyles. The one thing I was actually most excited about is the L'Oreal Préférence Pastel Conditioner. I tried it yesterday. See the result after the jump...