I hauled a lot and I liked it!

Hey guys! Today I want to show some stuff I got over the last week. Last Wednesday was the German national holiday, so all the shops were closed. But luckily I live near the border to France, so my family and I went to Straßburg for shopping. Some of the things shown I got there, others I just picked up at my local drugstore/department store/H&M..

Evoluderm Lotion Tonique | OPI Goldeneye & Every month is Oktoberfest | Claire's hair thingy & lashes | MAC Lippencil Beet, Lipsticks Deeply Adored & Love Goddess | Urban Decay Primer Potion | L'Oreal Préférence Extreme Platinum & Pastel Conditioner Soft Lilac

The Evoluderm Lotion Tonique is from a store called Saga: they sell all kinds of cosmetics and brushes, from NIVEA to Bourjois. Everything seems to be a lot cheaper than in drugstores, so I suppose they buy large amounts from closures of other stores and sell them very cheap. I got the 500 ml bottle of toner for only 3 €. Can't yet tell if it's good but it smells very nice like roses. The hair thingy from Claire's is like a bun donut but straight for French twists etc. Haven't tried it yet, but if it works maybe I will show some hairstyles. The one thing I was actually most excited about is the L'Oreal Préférence Pastel Conditioner. I tried it yesterday. See the result after the jump...

I'm glad I didn't use on all my hair and that it last only up to three shampooings. It's not really a good style for the office and meeting up with clients. :-) Not that I don't like it, but on me it didn't turn out pastel but just lilac. Maybe I kept it on my hair too long...

But back to my haul:

The jacket and the shirt are from a store called Promod. The jacket is a little bit boxy, but not to much so I don't look like a quarterback :-). I really like that it's not just black but has some silver threads in it and I absolutely love the stud details! The shirt is 95 % cotton and 5 % cashmere, very nice and soft, plus I like the zipper in the back.

I saw these boots from Zara in their online store and decided to pick them up in France. My boyfriend says they look like riding boots...but I think they are more like circus director boots! :-)


  1. That jacket is perfect! Just likes the Chanel black blazer! I loved reading this post, I can't wait to read your future posts!