The worst post in fashion blog history

Hey there, lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen! Do you know this feeling when you have an outfit for going out in mind and in your imagination it looks very cool: cute, edgy, modern,.... And then you go out and take pictures an realize: This is a train wreck! That's what happened to me. After this joyful shooting I realized that my hair is a complete mess, I forgot to put on blush, the pullover makes me look fat and my undershirt is sticking out in some of the pictures. And what is the best way to deal with a fashion mess like this? Right, make a stupid GIF!

If you are still interested in what I'm actually wearing - after the jump!

Blouse: Colosseum | Pullover: H&M | Skirt: Tally Weijl | Shoes: Fashion Point

What was your worst outfit ever?

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  1. So schlimm sieht es gar nicht aus :D
    Du kommst auch aus Freiburg? Ist ja cool, endlich mal jemand aus meiner "Weltmetropole"... :D Manchmal geh ich auch zum Shoppen woanders hin, Freiburg ist ja echt nicht so der Hit :D