Smells like Summer

YEEEEES! FINALLY we're getting closer to summer. The temperature is rising (last week we had 25 °C) and the mood is getting better just in general. This week I will start packing all my warm winter wardrobe and shoes, store them in the basement and instead fill my closet with skirts, short, shirts, dresses and summer shoes. A change I already made is the change from winter to summer perfume and today I'm showing you my two summer favorites:

Dolce&Gabbana - 3 L'Imperatrice: Oh my God, I love this smell so so much. I bought it last summer and as you can see the bottle is almost empty by now. Luckily I have a full, 100 ml bottle waiting for me in the bathroom.

D&G came out with this fragrance in 2009, but I didn't discover it until last year. It smells really fresh and fruity, but also sweet. D&G describes it as a blend of cyclamen, kiwi, musk and watermelon. On me it smells straight up like sweet and juicy pears - and I love it and I just can't get enough of it.

Escada - Taj Sunset: As far as I know, Escada brings out a summer perfume every year - in 2011 it was Taj Sunset and I've been longing for  bottle of this little wonder ever since. The top notes are mango, blood orange and nectarine, the heart notes are raspberry, lotus, star apple and waterlily. The base notes are coconut, musk and sandalwood. Well, that sounds like a wild fruit and flower bouquet, doesn't it?

On me, the sweetness of the fruity components is definitely dominant - as soon as I spray it on it smells like two things: Red Bull and gummi bears. Sound weird, but is really amazing. For me Escada's Taj Sunset perfectly captures the essence of a hot, joyful summer evening.

What does summer smell like for you and what is your favorite summer perfume?


EN I remember this one Barbie doll I had: a mermaid with a blue and turquoise and green, sparkling fishtail you could take off. She was blonde with silver strands and under water her hair would change color to blue, turquoise and pink. I loved this particular Barbie doll to death - literally. I think I even took her into the ocean with me and in the end she really looked like a dead, fucked up and messy haired mermaid that got caught in a fisherman's net. Long story short: Last week I decided I wanted to look like a mermaid, just with short hair. So I colored my hair first pink and then changed to purple and turquoise... and I FREAKIN LOVE IT! What do you think?

DE Ich erinnere mich an diese eine Barbie: eine Meerjungfrau mit einem blauen und türkisen und grünen, glitzernden Fisch-Schwanz, den man abnehmen konnte.Sie war blond mit silbernen Strähnchen und im Wasser hat ihr Haar die Farbe gewechselt zu blau, türkis und pink. Ich habe diese Barbie zu Tode geliebt - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Ich glaube, ich habe sie sogar mit ins Meer genommen und am Ende sah sie wirklich aus wir eine tote, abgefuckte, zerstrubbelte Meerjungfrau im Anglernetz.Um es kurz zu machen: Letzte Woche habe ich beschlossen, dass ich wie eine Meerjungfrau aussehen will, nur mit kurzen Haaren: Also habe ich meine Haare zuerst pink und dann lila und türkis getönt... und VERDAMMT ICH LIEBE ES! Was sagt ihr dazu!

EN Wow, I found the commercial! Ahhhhh, childhood memories!

DE Wow, ich habe den Werbeclip gefunden! Ahhhhh, Kindheitserinnerungen!